The Windiam universe born in 1991 and strengthened in 1997

A thousand years old extra pure carbon, that for its faultless and hardness has been always considered the king of gems: the diamond. This is the Windiam universe born in 1991 and strengthened in 1997 thanks to a passion that has become, in ten years of activity, a reference point for the working and sale of natural diamonds, placing its brand in four different countries in the world.

A pole position obtained thanks to the professionalism and experience of Gon Raz and Alex Jaffe, directors of polished and rough sectors respectively, with a well together working team of hundred employees in the world. The Windiam Company deals only in  precious stones selected directly in the main producing countries such as: Western Africa, South Africa, Central Africa, RD Congo, Guinea, Sierra Leon, Ghana, Angola and Russia. Windiam also attends the most important Expositions of the sector in order to express a personal idea to make a work a pleasant moment. Its market is fair coming from the partnership with other appreciable companies in order to guarantee a regular distribution of the row material.

The diamond route is inevitably connected with the Windiam one, where each argument, idea, suggestion brings to refine what is still necessary. The referents for Campania Region are Cristiano and Barbara Oppo brothers, by the TARI’ Goldsmith Centre at Marcianise, whose professionalism is in complete tune with the ability demonstrated by the Windiam group in the world.

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