The new line named Aurea Venus jewels

The entrepreneurial ability of handicrafts from Antico Borgo Orefici Consortium in collaboration with the Naples and Pompei Board of the ministry of archaeological heritage, have realized the new line named Aurea Venus jewels without time, able to enhance the goldsmith and silversmith heritage guarded at the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

An ancient collection representing a finishing line of a partnership with a goal to enhance the Neapolitan goldsmith art. Objects faithfully inspired by the ancient one posed again in precious materials. Snake is the recurring subject of the line, effigy of Isis earth mother, reproduced in gold and silver for bracelets, ring, necklace and brooches ones used to hold tunics.

Some earrings are in thin gold leaf or with amber and cornelian pendants, and the protective divinities are not missed: the scarab, the ram, the sun-god and other symbols of luck. Wonderful is the bulla, the elegant pendant that once was offered as gift to newborns as irreplaceable lucky charm. These reproductions of ancient masterpieces are the perfect synthesis of a partnership focused on a cultural identity preservation of the town.

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