The amazing luxury of de Grisogono jewels

There is a place looking like an oasis showing all its grandeur in unknown places. An extreme place where different lives create different, brilliant but never identical lives.

It’s Fawaz Gruosi atelier, the untiring creator of de Grisogono brand whose unique creations are of unusual beauty. Jewels following no more the classical rules and that succeed in crossing an already known reality.In this atelier you can see fascinating developments between past and future, concreteness and imagination, in a fantastic sight taking our breath away.

His jewels are great mixtures of colours, memory of fleeting aurora borealis, models creating light and warmth by joining amethysts, white, yellow and brown diamonds, multicoloured sapphires, tsavoriti, rubellite and emeralds. It’s a continuous and giddy concerto, a simultaneous involvement of senses. Creatures coming from a distant galaxy and enriched with a tempest of precious stones.

Fawaz Gruosi, the protagonist of a magically crazy performance, is an artist of unique talent and his jewels are symbol of an unusual luxury, great originality and elegant performance. He can place in the spectacular context the elegant elements by shaping wonderful and joyful creations.

A very typical jewel is the pink gold ring studded with a brown diamonds pavé surrounded with many clusters of bright emeralds placed in the middle, where there is an impressive 26.07 carats rubellite or the white gold ring characterized by the clearness of the big pearl studded with a palette of charming colours. They are two models, two different unicum of the important jeweller’s craft. Another wonderful model are the white gold delightful boucle d’oreille studded with many white diamonds, pink sapphires and two clear drop-shaped amethysts conveying womanhood; or the pink gold earrings studded with gem stones of different and alternating size and nuance, eccentric like a matrioske game.  Wonderful and perfect creations, despite their harmonious eccentricity.

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