Staurino, the complicity of a jewel

Afterwards, light becomes suddenly bright, almost blinding. It is a long lasting explosion that human eye is not able to stand. Warmth is high and the rocks crumble in countless small grains floating in the air, raised by a whirlwind. A new star is born, it is the brightest, the warmest. It raises slowly like a queen between vapours and sand blizzards.

Its light hypnotizes. It is MIRAGE, a garish charm with irregular rays falling on the earth like thunderbolts. It has the warm colours of a desert at sunset, an universal and unique beauty. Brown diamonds and yellow sapphires are set on a pink gold frame with a big citrine quartz set in the middle. It is one of the masterpieces of the high jewellery’s craft produced by Staurino brothers, Davide and Stefano, the fourth generation of a family who continue astonishing and charming with extraordinary creations. Each jewel shows a long background, a tradition of Valenza lasting more than one hundred years, expressed through a surprisingly creative development.

Rings, bracelets, earrings and classical, ton sur ton, prêt-à-porter parure or exclusive models to wear on important occasions. Next classic, Pretty Princess, Rose di Francia, Diva, Magic Snake, Spaghetti, Gothika, Mistral, Renaissance... silent songs in which the harmony of voices spreads through the light of the coloured diamonds and precious stones. The important value of the material is almost put aside by the flighty inlays, by the harmonious and odd joints inserted in now small now big chains where diamonds, sometimes, with no fear to be outclassed, became a simple detail, a mark, an expression of precious and unique jewels.

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