Pretti Bijoux. New challenges for the Milanese brand expressed by marketing and communications director Valentina Fenaroli

A glance at the company’s past: what were the crucial moments?
Five years ago the company underwent a complete rebirth, radical changes in production in both merchandising style and market targeting. Sophisticated design in formal elegance has transformed trends in costume jewelry for this market niche. Innovation takes form in winning products like Cristalnet, necklace and bracelet concept and brand protected by trademark that for over five years has been known on international markets.

The brand name has changed. Can you tell us why?
The brand has changed in one small detail, the ‘y’ in Pretty has become an ‘i’ in Italian, making Pretti Bijoux. The goal here was to Italianize the name of our company to render justice to Made in Italy! Together with this small yet important detail, we have also modified our graphics. We think it has all worked and we are happy with it.

Of all the new products, is there one in particular that you like?
Yes, one that will be distributed starting March and that we think will be perfect for the summer season when women become a little childish and dream about fairies, fairytales, witches, and … magic.

pretti 1

Aside from production, what challenges are you facing?
Our success always comes from challenges. Our country is very in touch with traditions but now more than ever people want something new. This is our objective: consolidating this desire in successful products. We love to launch collections that are completely innovative and never before seen on the market and this requires continued and careful creative research, commitment, and the desire to put ourselves out there, something we do all the time. The challenge for 2015 is to surprise the market with something new and still timeless “Cristalnet”.

Can you give us a preview of one of your new products for this summer?
Try to visualize the most colorful thing you can. Got it? Well, our summer 2015 products will be more colorful than what you just imagined! Color and distinction in a totally personal style will be the characteristics of the P/E 2015 collection.


pretti 2

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