Piquè. A precious tribute to a historic coin

Noemi Reale, creator of the fashion brand Piquè Montmartre, has gone back to her origins in France inventing a brand that merges the city of Naples, where she lives, and Paris, going through Berlin and Amsterdam. For the 150th anniversary of Italian Unification Piquè pays a tribute to a historic coin of our country: the 500 lire coin, coined between the 60s and the 70s.

It was the first metal coinage for that cut. At the back there were three sailing caravels, some of which with the flags against the wind. It was tried on 1004 coins only, and their value is very high. Among the coins set  on the jewel, together with silver and stones such as onyx, white agate, amethyst, spinel,  there are some “wrong” ones. Those who choose such a collection, made of colliers, bracelets, and rings, are doubly lucky as they’ll wear a rare wonderful object and could become the owners of an object of great value.

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