This year the most important beauty contest in the world, “Miss Universe”, broadccast worldwide and viewed by a billion two hundred thousand people,  grasped the undivided attention of the media this time due to a “one of a kind” swimsuit worth a million dollars.
A precious white, microfiber one-piece sprayed with diamonds, emeralds and rubies in a variety of shapes and sizes, all set in white gold and sewn on the suit by hand.  Just under 900 stones for almost 200 carats.

A huge jewel to wear, product of the synergy between Fratelli Dinacci, a company from the campania region specialized in settings for gold-smiths and Yamamay, leading brand in the swimsuit and lingerie industry.  A soft work of art that sets a record, fruit of the friendship between Flavio Dinacci – jeweler – and Gianluigi Cimmino’s – CEO of Yamamay who for this special occasion teamed up to create a unique and original product in the final stretch to be worn by exiting titleholder Olivia Culpo.

Gianluigi Cimmino and Flavio Dinacci

«The experience in Moscow with a big brand like Yamamay, is unforgettable – comments a gratified Flavio Dinacci – but I actually realized the impact of the news about the swimsuit while I was in the elevator on my way to a press conference just before the finals and a journa-list from a Philippino TV station recognized me as the man with the Million-dollar Swimsuit».
One more bullseye for the explosive duo, Flavio e Tiziana Dinacci, who have always connected with the sports world: one of their primary endorsers is in fact Martina Guiggi, captain of the Italian National Volleyball team.


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