Mori e Pupe, 18th century myths are revived in modernity

Differences that create value; invasions that generate culture; legends that leave room for imagination: there is all the soul of southern Italy in Mori e Pupe jewellery.

This unusual mix and imagination of Sara Bianchi gives rise to porcelain jewellery handmade by master craftsmen: the figures used, which were born in the 18th century, have been revisited in the form of monochrome jewellery. From white to yellow ochre, up to roman green and cobalt blue, typical Mediterranean colours that dress the ceramics juxtaposed with fabrics like taffeta, and with Swarovski stones.

The production starts in Apulia, but is inspired by the whole of southern Italy. After having achieved success at Homi and Tarì Bijoux, Mori e Pupe is ready for the opening of the first single brand shop and for a (surprise) line of new products


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