Marcello Manna. Professionalism and passion

A passion cultivated in family laboratories in Naples that crossed the capitols of the world all the way to Antwerp, the heart of gemstone trade where Marcello Manna B.V.B.A. is headquartered. We asked Marcello Manna to tell us about the world of diamonds.

Marcello Manna
Marcello Manna

Where does your passion come from?

As a child I used to spend time at a family ‘goldsmith’ firm where I would try to put together pieces with gemstones. Then when I graduated from University I went to the Gemological Institute of America and my first glance at a diamond was an incredible experience that changed all the plans I had for the future.

When you select a rough stone, what excites you the most?

Uncovering the hidden world inside a rough diamond is an extraordinary adventure that I learned about in Israel after becoming a Graduate Gemologist at GIA. Today, computers help us to minimize damage caused during cutting.

 Each diamond tells a story: do buyers still value something so intangible?

In Italy, although marketing campaigns and investment in advertising have been diverted to countries abroad, I can safely say that European buyers are still a profoundly interested in the intangible aspect.

Diamond traceability (Kimberly Process) helps strengthen moral trade ethics, but how much more is there to do?

The entire process is in the hands of companies listed on the stock exchange or companies controlled by government, and the whole process involves elevated standards of safety. What is lacking stems from industry operators and their reluctance to accept change.

During the past few years of the recession, have investments in diamonds increased?

The current recession has made diamond buyers aware of the value of safe-haven assets. Trade has diversified and at auction houses, rare stones are exclusive and one of a kind!

In your view will we still be saying “a diamond is forever” in the next few years?

Diamonds are still forever! Diamond extraction is slowing due to the absence of new mines and the price of diamonds is estimated to rise until about 2018, when the gap between supply and demand will be at its greatest.

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