Mamesò. Where home offers love

Mamesò tells the story of home as a place of affection, tenderness and strong loving sentiment.

Jewellery to share, to strengthen the uniqueness of the values it represents. A happy home set in a fairy-tale landscape, just like the one you find nestled in the jewellery’s packaging. A strong testimony to acceptance and beauty, like Dorothy, the star of the Wizard of Oz, whose famous phrase ‘There’s no place like home’ was adopted as the brand’s slogan.

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Mamesò, an Italian brand with considerable professional experience in the jewellery sector, produces exclusive designer collections. The jewellery is made from carefully selected and assured precious materials, and handcrafted using methods that have been updated and perfected by recent technologies. There are four distinct designs – each (in 18kt gold with cut diamonds) proudly carries the value and originality of a 100% Made in Italy product.


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