Luca Carati: a thousand creations where diamond is the protagonist (takes the spotlight) .

“Bazaar” Collection

Since 1998, in Valenza, diamond has been protagonist in Luca Carati goldsmith’s workshops. It is an ever-growing brand succeeding in establishing its image overseas,  opening one brand shops in Moscow and Azerbaijan and corners in Uruguay and Japan, since most part of its production is for the foreign market. A success due to its commercial managers activity but, above all, to the elegant design and use of natural and very pure gem stones.

Each of his jewels shows a personal interpretation of the flowing of time  living in the white, pink and yellow precious gold and in the gem stones colours presented in Brillante, Princess, Baguette and Tapered cuts. Some creations, like rose windows of mysterious gothic cathedrals, become a labyrinth where  each element is able to transform, change and create strange geometric shapes modifying the raw material in different aspects, using it to create jewels giving new emotions.

Others are the new interpretation of the classical cachemire draw with white and brown diamonds pavé, and pink sapphires radiating a bright light and extolling nuance in the soft curves like honey drops under the sun. Linear but tangled structures include important dreamlike diamonds, dazzling like the energy released by flashes in the darkness of the night. The three-dimensional feature of other diamonds envelops the light reflections to break and free it in curved and polycentric volumes. Onyx, acquamarine, quartz and cornelian leave their hardness to become soft so that elegant diamonds can envelop them in sinuous embraces.

Hanging in the void, like jellyfish tentacles in the sea clearness, like rays moved by the wind, diamonds twinkle in the circle perfection.
And more. Big leaves like embroideries or small ramifications of delicate flowers, charming undulations, Renaissance spirals, necklaces and durable solitaires. Elements inspiring to nature, geometric shapes and the eternal classicality characterizing Carati collections. A thousand wonderful worlds for a thousand different women loving the austerity of the eternal and precious diamond.  A luxury made for people really able to choose.

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