Lebole Gioielli – silver and silk design the new collection

Lebole Gioielli connect oriental culture and Italian goldsmith traditions with a silk thread from antique kimonos, creations entrusted in the expert hands of artisan goldsmiths from Arezzo.

This has created a line of jewelry where each collection is different.

‘We have created an eccentric contrast by penetrating the two cultures – explains Barbara Lebole and her mother Nicoletta who heads the company – without altering their identities.

In our latest pieces we substitute the heart of our jewelry in Japanese cherry withgold-plated 925 silver.

Thus, it’s silver: on the front as a bright frame and on the back for the post and brand label.

Lanterns, fans, ideograms, and kimonos; true interchangeable jewelry to always wear different earrings.

‘Made in Italy is our treasure – adds Barbara – and we strive to keep the same quality, good taste, artisanry and creativity. Values that we want to remain uncontaminated even when we move towards traits from other countries. Additionally, our trait is minimalist to reconquer a sense of sophistication.

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