Lebebé, a lovely jewel

Earrings, rings, charms, bracelets and cuffs, exceptional interpreters, with marvellous simplicity, of the most tender love, the important one. Endless like a mother’s heart. Each jewel is made for a different story narrated by sweet words. Boys and girls babies represented with solid or hollow silhouette, hearts carved in white, yellow and pink gold, enlightened by one little bright diamond or by a sparkling total pavé.

Plain and shapely lines communicating a clear message of new life and happiness, of fables and fulfilled wishes. People like at once these light and soft three-dimensional shapes recalling childhood draws. Lebebè collection is the latest fashion for mums and dads, a light-hearted metaphor for an enchanting world celebrating a baby birth. The pleasantness of wearing a jewel that is strictly tied to personal feelings, a particular, unique and precious way to have one’s own little angels forever with oneself. In order to communicate to the world the happiness for being parents. Creative, fine and chic shapes that can be also personalized. These jewels can be given someone or oneself as a gift, because some moments of our life deserve to become eternal.

Jewels making happiness because they seem to be thought just for you.. The more they are, the more they are beautiful, such as the enjoyable charms tinkling joyous lullabies. Le bebè collection is now a fashion, a contagious happiness, a stylish overwhelming success spreading rapidly. Many and different jewels to mean that it is an indissoluble relationship, an absolute and pure love bursting one’s heart; it is the kind of unique love given unconditionally.

Lebebé is a Lucebianca collection, a made in Italy ever-growing brand succeeding, once more, in creating a world full of emotions. Rings too, presented with a white gold wedding ring, are very unique, whereas the jointed sparkling heart, tinkling at every motion of the hand, is of yellow gold. The heart, unmistakable symbol of love and icon of this new collection. Le bebè collection is an exclusive distributed by the famous group Oroverde.

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