Internationalization: Future depends on quality

Password is: internationalization. With regards to this, the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta, chaired by Mr. Mario Farina, has decided to support companies in order to strengthen the chain relationships with the international market. Relation with Oromare consortium located in Marcianise (Caserta) and chaired by Mr. Gino Di Luca, is very strong.

According to export data, commercial relations between the province of Caserta and the foreign market have suffered, more than other companies, the demand fickleness, with very flexible surges towards rise and decrease. In particular, from 2000 to 2008, the reduced production local quotas absorbed by Spain and Germany, has been balanced by Hong Kong and Malta. By comparing these data with the ones of the other Italian provinces, it is clear that if, on the one hand, the production of the city of Caserta manages to keep high its quality standards, on the other hand it is weakest as for the European exports; in this field, the districts having dropped share on the American market.

The proposal of the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta is included in a wide range of actions aimed at boosting internationalization. The chairman Mr. Farina and Mr. Gino Di Luca have positively welcomed the synergy in existence in favour of the goldsmith’s art centre located in the province of Caserta.

Interview Mr. Farina: “Our duty is to use each available resort in favour of the goldsmith’s companies”.

Which have been, until now, the strengths of the local goldsmith’s productions in the province of Caserta?

The goldsmith’s entrepreneurial activity of the province of Caserta, has been centred, until now, around high quality products mainly manufactured by small companies. The hand-made production too has been an important characteristic of the local companies. Now, the precious metals prices rise, the decrease in the national demand and the new foreign competitors have brought about a rethink; for this reason the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta has started this action turned to internationalization. It is very important to direct again attention to the foreign market in order to come out of crisis holding one’s head up.

Does the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta plan on soon other actions to carry out in the goldsmith’s field?

It is clear that our duty is to use each available resort by the essential preparatory tool that is the planning.  In this point of view, the International Meeting of the general secretaries of the foreign Italian Chambers of Commerce is, in our opinion, of high importance. It is planned for the first time in Caserta from 4th to 9th of July, and it has given the chance to plan the entry policy in the foreign markets of the very important the goldsmith’s field. Producers have had the chance to have one-to-one talks with the managers of the Chamber of Commerce abroad, getting the most up-to-date and useful information in order to formulate their own company strategies in terms of the chosen markets. It is evident that the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta will take part in the most important events of the section, both at National and International level.

In the goldsmith’s section which are, in your opinion, the organizations that can aim at manufacturing quality products and towards the foreign market?

As already said, the district of Caserta has managed to corner a large share of the Italian market thanks to its capability for agglomeration, that is the collaboration based on trust relations. The consortium seemed to be the best kind of organization and it is very common in Campania: Oromare is a successful exemple and for this reason the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta has decided to promote the growth in the International market.

INTERVIEW Mr. Gino Di Luca: “Oromare members must aim at quality products”.

Chairman Di Luca, , what is the first action to foster the field activity in the goldsmith’s section of Caserta?

Looking at the last data, it is clear that the best way to face problems underlined by this information is internationalization. It need foster kind of collaborations providing, in a short time, a greatest visibility in the foreign markets. I think it is very important to avoid “intermittent” actions because constancy is an unavoidable element to not waste actions in favour of the field.

What is the best way to put down roots in the foreign market?

There are many ways. One of these consists in analysing the requirements of the possible interlocutors, but it is clear that in the following stage it needs to actively act, to be present in the International market and sign commercial agreements and relations with all levels of the foreign chain, from distribution to retail. All this is possible only thanks to the high quality of the product we try to bring in these markets. About that, the syndicated companies are trying to keep high standards in a so wearing economic-financial conjuncture.

How much important is the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Caserta?

It is a very positive stance giving the right importance to the Chamber of Commerce. The potentials of the district of Caserta are vast and the goals achieved until now attest it. It is evident that crisis has hit all production sectors, ours too. However, we are aware of representing an excellence of the field and this is very important for the economic recovery.

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