Il Tarì: Speciale Mondo Prezioso / Four Part

I Gioielli del Sole, spectacular colours reflected in diamonds.

I Gioielli del Sole express the freshness of spring season. The innovative aspect is represented by the coloured stones on fashion shapes, all in white gold, with curvilinear frames of black diamonds that embrace white and red oval rubies. Once more, Gaetano Cardola, the owner of I Gioielli del Sole, shows his ability to realize successful collections since the 1997. At Tarì, in Oromare and at “Trilogy”, his shop, Saki gives you the chance to choose among different jewels, such as big rings red and black bicoloured or with transparent brilliants, with a contemporary line and an elegant design.

SAR, the fauna of Capri’s sea

In Capri, the most eccentric island, famous for its landscapes and perfumes, is located the creative workshop of Rosario Severino, owner of SAR gioielli. Sar gioielli dedicates to men and women pendants, necklaces, bracelets and rings with simple and clean features suitable for classical or casual look. Favola Blu, his recent collection, shows sea fauna, like crabs, octopuses and coral branches in white, yellow and pink gold with details of coloured stones.

Armonie gioielli, elegance harmony

Progetti Oro’s target is middle-high class. In their workshop, Tiberio Fiorentino and his sons Danilo, Diego and Davide design and realize only hand made jewels with professionalism and passion based on the Campania tradition. They produce magnificent jewels of different shapes, romantic or stylised. The result is visible in the cross motif, displayed in the main brand Armonie Gioielli. The metal is manipulated by the goldsmith masters and is turned in changeable evolutions. An example of this excellent elegance is shown in jewels made of black onyx and coral wrapped in a frame of diamonds.

Omnia by Oro92 at its customers’ disposal

A jewel must be created following one’s own taste and imagination, sometimes ignoring the market rules. It’s a game that doesn’t consider middlemen. Distribution is different. It requires attention to catch all the signals of luxury sector. Castrese Marra and Gianni Covino, since the establishment of Omnia by Oro92, in 1990, aimed to add new clients to the list of their customers. Located in Avellino and Foggia at the beginning, they decided to bet on the base in Puglia and to move the Avellino base to Il Tarì centre. In order to retain their customers, they chose to distribute the main goldsmith brands, providing the operators of the sector pre and post sale support. Beautiful jewels, the best quality and the excellent manufacturing are the strong points of a company that always offers new products.

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