Gemmarium loves beauty, harmonious shapes, and new elements, as well as art does

Gemmarium’s values are: perfection, quality and timeless design. Francesco Massari turns stones into jewels through innovation and creativity. Green ebony is the main element for his spring – summer collection 2011.

From the beginning of the 90s he has been making his collections better and better. His style is strict but a bit extravagant, to make jewels a pleasure to be lived. Gemmarium keeps on highlighting the unique charm of handmade jewels. We met Francesco Massari in Bari, at his “fabrica”. It is a unique space rich in creativity and experimentation, place of contact between “mind and heart”.

The necklace made of monochromatic cloudy quartz, grey pearls and hematite is very valued. Its logo is not a banal mark but an object that characterizes the brand and certificates its jewel’s originality. Gemmarium Italia’s collections are both fashionable and innovative to create a unique and charming style. Contemporary handmade jewels that make Gemmarium express its identity, whose value goes over materiality keeping ancient traditions.

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