Geci’s Gem & Jewelry management, now the marketing module

On the 9th of May the last leg of the Gemmological Institute Master’s degree begins: students will be involved in the creation of a product up to its promotion

On the 9th of May the last stage of the Master’s in Gem & Jewellery Management at GECI begins: the last leg of the course, which started seven months ago at the Milan campus, is dedicated to Marketing & Management. For three weeks students will address the issues that characterise marketing in the world of jewellery and the point of sale management.

This step is necessary to gain an overview of the management of a brand, point of sale (focusing on retail marketing), and customer relations. GECI’s goal is to provide students with concrete elements, easily put into practice once they enter the world of work.

During the course ample space will be given over to the development of a creative and design path that will address the creation of a product starting from a marketing concept, to then switch to planning of the project and the creative proposal, finally arriving at its presentation and promotion.

Students will also deepen and enrich their knowledge through the analysis of successful case studies and conducting practical activities in the field, such as mystery shopping or visiting boutiques or international brand museums. A modern approach and innovative teaching methods ensure direct student involvement guaranteeing active learning: these are the strengths of GECI teaching methods, essential elements that underpin all Education activities at the Institute.

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