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Three independent modules start in October at Geci institute of Milan: Gemology, Design & Marketing management.

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The protagonist of the educational calendar 2015/16 of Geci institute is Master in Gem & Jewelry Management which starts in October, a new educational course proposed by Geci institute. These competences and knowledge are necessary to deal with the future market challenges between theory and practice, frontal lesson and group work. Five macro-subjects : gemology, jewel history, jewel design, leverage of marketing for gems and jewels and creativity management.

Geci’s teachers are composed by leaders of the sector and experts instructors, who with their knowledge will prepare their student to start a successful career as gemologists, lab analysts, jewelers, auctions experts , designers, business manager, professionals in charge of corporate social responsibility.

Beside the teachers there will be experts of the international and Italian market and representative of the productive and selling world. Eight months to build the future : a full time course with a compulsory attendance from 8 October to the end of May.

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Lessons are in English at Geci in Milan with three independent modules, which implies a deep analysis of the principal jewelry themes of the sector. The enrolment to the course should be done to all three modules to guarantee the completeness of the professional profile, nevertheless the three modules can be attended separately . Gemology course lasts 23 weeks , which include Diamond Grading Course, Colored Stone Course and Pearl Grading Course: diamonds , colored stones and pearls will be the subject of a great part of the master.

Design module lasts 5 weeks and will develop subjects linked to metals, alloys and supply chain, jewels history, international brands and jewel design. Three weeks will be dedicated to marketing and management among sales tools, client management, wholesalers and retailers and creativity management.

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The course is for new graduated at high school, new university graduated and young experts who wish to pursue a career in gems and jewelry world. Participants must be at least 18 and be in posses of a high school diploma . The final qualifications are different in relation to the module chosen: at the end of the gemology module, the participants will receive a Gemologist Diploma, approved at an international level . At the end of Design Modules and Marketing Management courses, the participants will receive the diploma of Jeweler Professional Expert. At the end of the entire course will be given the Diploma in Gem and Jewelry Management.

The joining fee is comprehensive of all didactic material . Every course has an independent cost. The total amount is 18.830 euro. Students who will join all three modules , therefore the entire course, will benefit of a discount of 15% for a total price of 15.600 euro. To receive info about the enrolment please call at 02-84980022 or write an email to [email protected]


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