Foulard leBebé. Cool and bon chic

Well, it is also part of Lucebianca’s brand, leBebé that celebrates the mums’ day. On the 7th of May, this brand becomes apparent with its peculiar style made of silk and cotton spring creations, whose designs refer to famous jewels realised for mums. The foulard brings out femininity and elegance of every mum. LeBebé matches with suit or jeans, it can be casual as belt, fashionable as bag accessory, glamorous as bandana.

The foulard LeBebé can be combined with pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings in white, yellow gold or diamonds or can be mixed with Dices to create original good-luck jewels. There are also solutions for lazy people thanks to creations built on chains, easy to wear, in white, yellow or pink gold. But there is a nice gift for the mums in their day by Lucebianca: for every purchase of leBebé jewel there is a free arrangement of four silver dices. Don’t forget Exclusive and Ghirlande, leBebè jewels in gold and diamonds. All the items can be found at the dealer’s jewellery store and one-brand shops in Capri and Parma.

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