Falcinelli Italy shows its new collection Paris

The association of contrasting details attracts our attention. Each of them is a jewel itself, a use of daps where a faceted gem predominates like a source of precious light surrounded by enchanting diamonds. Romantic white or pink gold rings decorated with diamonds in the shape of hearts, or more modern and eccentric solutions with rare stones.

Colors and shapes are always well balanced in order to produce a sophisticated unity. From pale pink to marron glacè, from sky-blue to amethyst are the refined colors of collection Paris, a “palette” of nuance stolen to the earth to create so famous uniqueness to make Falcinelli Italy famous not only in the hearth of Tuscany, but in the most famous jeweller’s shops as well. Its creations will be shown at Baselworld exhibition, stand 2.0-G50, and Oroarezzo, stand 423-425.

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