Fabrizio Falcinelli brings the beauty of “Cortina” to a namesake collection

Since 1968 Falcinelli Italy has been known as one of the greats in Made in Italy, uniting sacred and profane, orchids and wildflowers, sun and moon.  Fabrizio Falcinelli is the creator of jewels and he uses the sanctity of gold, diamonds and a gorgeous green stone in a way where classic and fashion are fused together for a set dedicated to Cortina, one of the icons for our Bella Italia.


“Cortina” is part of a new Falcinelli Italy collection inspired by Italian elegance and grace.  Fabrizio Falcinelli is one of the most creative designers on the international goldsmith market and once again he displays his mastery through planning and designing jewels boldly and fearlessly, as beautiful  as the Bella Italia they are dedicated to.


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