Each Ziio jewel is a very serious matter, to be taken lightly

It is the plurality of colours to give movement to the improbable structures that Elisabeth Paradon creates with perfect and unbelievable weaves largely enriched with countless gemstones. The linearity of the panels is broken by juxtapositions of rotating movements through coloured carousels that remind of children’s abacus to count grains of turquoise, marbles of jade, corals of lapis lazuli, beads of amethyst weaved together with details in brass. It is a sublime mixture of gemstones of bright and light colours, the ones necessary to the others, where every element reinvigorates a waive that strongly dominates the scene.

With her new line, Elisabeth gives once again proof of her resourceful spirit, her great talent and endless creative flair that announces itself in the originality of the bouton closure of the bracelets livened up by the use of new gemstones such as the blue and green onyx and the malachite.

Those who believe that jewels are only objects don’t know that every choice reveals something special, a brand new world, like a suitcase coming back from an adventure: full of emotions, atmospheres, memories. They don’t know jewels are able to give a woman all the charm she wants. Ziio jewels love composed structures full of verve, like mosaic pieces of art, like weaves tied in violent contrasts and in light shades crossed by sudden flashes of colour, among which also silver, the preferred framework, imperfect because it is strictly hand manufactured. Her creations have a great chromatic effect. They represent creative experiments, sometimes timid, but most of the times strong and daring, that charm for the mixture of shapes and colours, where teamwork enhances every single element.

The exuberant combination of variation that seems endless in these harmonious lines variously mixed to form highly light volumes, such as the new bracelets Sun or the witty reinventions of the huge oval-shaped or spherical pendants that have already become must have that go beyond glamour with great femininity.

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