DesignSrl revisits the atmosphere of Perdichizzi’s historic jewellery store

The owners of the historic jeweller, Perdichizzi of Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto in Sicily asked DesignSrl for a historically-authentic restoration and to select the best context to contrast high jewellery pieces and glamourous creations that had been inspired by the soul. DESIGN-arredamenti-gioiellerie

Design Srl are a leading international company for the design and creation of interiors who specialise in furnishing luxury jewellers. The jewellers has been successfully restored and this was witnessed by the large number of attendees at its inauguration, which was due to a combination of the store and DesignSrl.


The company’s technicians had been instructed to restudy the layout and atmosphere of the historic store, including the counters and areas reserved for sales assistance. This project was calibrated according to the owners’ innovative spirit in areas that would clearly illustrate the style and taste of the brands being displayed.


For this new store, DesignSrl chose to install bright lights in the shop window displays and over the counters, in contrast with the passageway’s more delicate atmosphere. To complete the picture, it is a wonderful feast for the eyes and senses.

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