De Simone Fratelli, tradition and new experiments

There is always something new in the 150 year tradition that De Simone Fratelli carries forward.  Fiammetta De Simone, who runs the company with her brothers Michele and Massimo, recaps 2013.

Afrodite Collection

Is 2013 a year to remember for De Simone Fratelli?
“It’s been busy, but full of innovation.  We focused on some unique pieces and we expanded research in new markets like Singapore, Azerbaijan, and Kazakistan”.

How did you tackle the difficult economic recession?
“On one side we kept aiming higher; on the other side we worked on new projects turning the company towards the worlds of fashion and designed


Afrodite Collection

What are some of the peak moments from this year for De Simone Fratelli?
“Participating in the Wallpaper Handmade Project thanks to a partnership with designer James Irvine”.

How does De Simone jewelry look for 2014?
“We are continuing to focus on ‘fresh’ products which are true to the idea that a jewel is truly forever.  Design – yes.  Too much fashion – no.  So we never grow old”.


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