Cielo jewels Milan, where there are no colors, the pureness of the diamond dominates

In Chartes Cathedral, excellent gothic testimony, there is a rose window so beautiful to enchant your sight when the sun passes through it, and it’s equally touching in the evening, when the colors diminish in the darkness. The disposition of the gems on the pendants and the rings of the latest collections by Cielo Milano, can offer you the same marvel, although for different peculiarities and preciousness.

Shapes divided by little parts made of white gold that intensify the large number of circles among which there are clear diamonds and several yellow, pink and green sapphires. An abundant wealth of colors that is nothing but a balanced sobriety.

Where there are no colors, the pureness of the diamond prevails over the simple shapes that intensify its magnificence. The stones follow one another, either brilliant cutting or baguette, letting the purity of the light be as free as a puff.
Softer are the lines based on whirlwinds, frost drops, calotte and even on an unfailing heart that embraces a blue sapphire one making the jewel more and more romantic.

Only expert hands can create so elegant jewels. Their deep roots started in 1914, when the renowned jeweler’s shop (at that time solely a watchmaker) was founded. Nowadays the third generation of the historical family is leaded by three brothers united by the common interests of a familiar continuity: Angelo, Fabio and Riccardo (diamonds expert and goldsmith designer). Today the jeweler’s shop boasts even three hundred and fifty retailers in Italy, a distributor in Portugal, one in England and one in Spain, its presence at important fairs such as New York, Las Vegas, London and Vicenza, and a satisfactory trade in Asia and Mexico. As well as two sops in the center of Milan.

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