Chef Jewels, the new creatures by Gisella Gallotta

Gisella Gallotta has grown up among diamonds, pearls and precious stones of that goldsmith tradition, which has accompanied her family since 1922 and nowadays it is still a point of reference to those who love beauty in Naples.

The manual skill and the creativity, which make Gisella an artist, are the bases of last creation: “Chef Jewels”, delicious jewels with an original and precious soul. the earrings and the charms are in silver and bronze decorated with natural and colored stones.

Gisella Gallotta is to HOMI Milano, pad.1 Stand C23


Onions, peppers, apples, cherries, strawberries and grapes are displayed with an extreme synthesis and delicate elegance in the products designed by Gisella, who had great fun selecting the ingredients of these delicious recipes.


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