Carla Gozzi: only class never goes out of style

Coco sustained that style was meant to go out of style but the funny side is coming to reason with it.  It’s a game that sets on three strongholds: choose, mix, transform, and the winner either has talent or relies on a fashion blogger.  Carla Gozzi is one of the most well-respected style coaches and her numerous fans are solid confirmation of that!
She became popular on a restyling reality show and today she fills Italian theaters as an authority and with enough competence to be able to ask anyone: What are you wearing?! I met her at “The best of bijoux” where she was a sponsor and I asked her:

In Italy you opened the door to fashion bloggers. How much influence do they really have on the choices women make?
There are so many fashion bloggers today that sometimes they’re not able to give a real contribution.  The situation abroad is a little different as it is more a survival of the fittest, but even here some are more influential than others.

Italian is synonymous with elegance, especially abroad.  Is that still true or is it a trend?
Alas, there are few people in Italy today who can claim to be elegant and that is why in all my programs I try to explain that there is a way to be elegant that is independent of your budget.

Can jewelry and accessories walk hand in hand?
Absolutely yes, because both of them affect look and whether it be an accessory or a jewel, it can change a woman’s characteristics.  They’re indispensable, without them style is nondescript.

Can formal jewelry, the classic type, keep its own personality or should it follow the fads?
A precious jewel, a real one, has a history. A Tiffany solitaire for example, will spark the same deep emotion it always has. But even the most important jewels are victims of the times and need to re-invent themselves to stay contemporary.

What is essential in a woman’s jewelry case? Whether precious or costume?
Certainly a string of pearls, because it is so meaningful.  It is really versatile. Sometimes it fits the retro’ look, sometimes it becomes a modern necklace shaping however we want to look.

Does the special occasion jewel still exist?
There is a dress code even for jewelry, although today there is much more mixing.  There are some rules for sure, but they can always be modified according to the occasion, but in the case of an elegant affair I would advise sticking to them.

You are a very busy woman.  What are your plans for the near future?
The near future foresees a new theatrical tour.  In my interactive shows I talk about fashion in all its beauty as made in Italy, important brands, history, a lot of things that most girls don’t know.  We have wonderful stories to tell and some funny ones too, this is why we try to reach out to a lot of cities and appear in large, prestigious theaters.

I see you wear few jewels, is it a way to exalt your persona?
Yes, it is my own choice for a minimal look. I try to work on uniqueness with my light hair color and for particular looks that are not too obvious despite mixing. I leave out jewelry in this case, although I love vintage jewelry; I bought an entire collection of earrings from the 60s.

What should no woman forgo and what should she never do to underline her womanhood?
Women know precisely what their strengths and weaknesses are, but we are used to focusing on the negative things.  We tend to display a prosperous bust and even curves around our hips, we never deny that soft curves are something that makes us more sensual, like Marilyn or Sophia Loren.

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