Boccadamo Man amaze, enchant, seduce

Boccadamo never ceases to amaze and like the mad hatter he pulls a new collection for men out of his top hat:  Boccadamo Man is a “smart casual” line for men who like to be elegant but not over the top, professional and at the same time cool.  In one word: breezy.

Sporty and casual, but also sophisticated and never trite, a collection whose world is happily expressed in the advertizing campaign showing a vibrant combination of players, versatile and seductive, heterogenous in appearance but linked only by the exclusive style that flows through each of them like music.

Boccadamo is jewelry in rhodium-plated steel, leather and natural rubber: necklaces, bracelets, and cufflinks of captivating design with innovative lines and new geometry to show off in any occasion  and at any time of day.


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