Bello e Italiano

“It’s press, dear. And there’s nothing you can do about it” said Humphrey Bogart, although it seems to be written for a more modern character: Fabrizio Corona. Rebel, undisciplined, impudent, intolerant of rules, difficult according to somebody, but very charismatic, too. His charm has made him and his affair famous and followed.

The most famous Italian bad boy, idol of young people, keeps on being the testimonial for a very modern silver collection, not only for men, that has been successful after its launch at Vicenzaoro Choice. Nobody but the king of paparazzi could represent such a new brand “Bello e Italiano” (beautiful and Italian) by Nardi. The company from Arezzo stakes on handmade jewels and stones, silver, leather and hide quality. “Bello e Italiano” is a collection of bracelets and necklaces. A daring design to reflect the most criticized and imitated “macho”. Jewels that can tell the men’s look that women like so much!

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