Alcozer & J. a jewelled key to open a door of wonders

“There is nothing more beautiful than a key, until you know what it opens”. These are the words of the essayist, Maurice Maeterlinck, but seem ideally suited to the tale of “Bluebeard” by Charles Perrault.

Alcozer & J., collana pendenti chiave

There are keys, therefore, that can close, or lock, or block, but also keys which can open doors to reveal the new, the unimaginable, and the miraculous.

Alcozer & J. bracciale pendenti chiave

And the keys of curiosity, which motivates our world, were the inspiration for this new collection by Alcozer, deliberately entitled “Barbablù” (Bluebeard).

Intriguing, provocative, enigmatic even in the names used to differentiate the various models: ‘The Keys of the House’, ‘The Wealth of Bluebeard’, ‘The Violated Prohibition’. This last example is depicted with a huge ring holding many keys, just like those the evil Bluebeard entrusted to his wife while making her promise never to open the door of his workshop. Advice which was clearly disregarded! And that key which in the story is indelibly stained with blood, Alcozer has embellished by giving it a ruby red handle.

Alcozer & J., anelli chiave

There are keys in burnished and gilded brass, sometimes dipped in gold, and scattered with blue and Swarovski crystals, sapphires, garnets, emeralds, rubies, micro-beads, and onyx. Jewelled keys that follow one another in a procession: single, pendant or in bunches secured by great chains.

Alcozer & J., collana pendenti chiave

This is a symbolic language that applauds the freedom of discovery, central to the creativity and stylistic approach of Giampiero Alcozer, founder of the brand that has promoted Italian craftsmanship for over 20 years.

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