A tribute to the elegance of all time from a contemporary point of view

Massimo Argentere

Sometimes words are not enough, they no longer are. Moreover the right ones feel unrepeatable, almost as if they had never belonged to us. And when even a caress seems too binding a gesture, then only a jewel can be sweeter than a smile, more moving than a melody, hotter than a kiss. But it has to be a jewel capable of drawing a circle of fire in the middle of the world, a privileged place for the princess, rather the queen, living inside every woman.

Something capable of go beyond emotions, such as the collection Corona by Massimo Argenterie, the jewel par excellence, mirror image of soul. An extremely precious detail, very royal. Whether they are meant to be pendants or a pair of earrings, bracelets or rings, the little crowns of Massimo Argentiere represent the right combination of ancient charm and modern elegance, equilibrium between legend and reality, with the help of the stirring bite creations.

In white or pink gold and silver, enriched with diamonds and gemstones, these little and charming jewels are meant for great women. From its windows, though, what leaps up is also the immediate and eccentric beauty of objects so different from each other they stun; a dazzling window on the world of jewellery, almost as if the styles that made history were all there, summarized into objects that are sometimes provoking, sometimes romantic, futuristic, more often classical, but also vintage and ironic.

It seems as if Argentiere were moving backwards in time to plan a new creativity, more ambitious and complex. It is an hyperbole that covers all the greatest metamorphosis as regards jewels, to tell stories about women who reach their best in the light of diamonds, in the fire of ruby, in the freshness of turquoise, in the sensuality of coral, in the glee of colours.

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