A tribute to femininity. Seven different worlds where emotion reigns supreme

Carlo Palmiero’s jewelry is the result of a creative process that reveals his innovative artistic taste, with a highly personal sense of form. The virtuosity that resounds from his color combinations and the striking dimensions of his pieces is supported by true aesthetic experimentation where “unexpected reality” comes to life.

His jewels are magnificent sculptures with a barely perceptible sense of delicate movement that give each piece a timeless quality. Pure inspiration and music, bursting with light and color, are unleashed by his talent which creates magnificent and original pieces of jewelry with a dazzling combination of optical effects, soft spirals, light and shadow.

He uses pure materials of the highest quality such as white and colored diamonds, pearls, precious stones, white, red and yellow gold which merge, burn, breathe and enchant in fantastic shapes that clearly reveal Palmiero’s imaginative and masterful technique.

Each of his creations are refined examples of the jeweler’s art which would most jewelers would not even dream of achieving. His pieces include rings, pendants and earrings which are divided into 7 different collections: fuoco (fire), piume (feathers), arabeschi (arabesques), merletti (lace), fiori (flowers), arte (art) and optical.

They represent seven different worlds where Palmiero’s artistic taste and sensibility are clearly expressed, where emotion reigns supreme, and where the most exquisite and unusual forms of elegance are explored. Where each jewel is a piece of sheer poetry, a tribute to femininity.

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