A necklace makes you the protagonist

Necklaces are many and of different kinds. They are thought as pieces of work between art and design. Simple or rich, long, very long or short to twirl around the neck, of baroque inspiration, with exotic and ethnic patterns, provocatively heavy metal o vintage. A definitely ornamental jewel, strictly linked to womanhood. It is quite understandable the funny mimic of girls using lipsticks, spike heels and necklaces in order to seem women. Many and different necklaces are created sometimes through the combination of very rich and excessive mixtures, often made of woven links, sometimes rich in gem stones. Satoires, wrapped into many turns or falling on the back, are very fashionable.

When noble materials are put aside in order to use copper, common stones, bones, steel, wood, shells, pvc, glass, enamels and ceramic, the effect seems to increase thanks to the mix and colours originality of the elements. They are elaborate compositions or specular patterns made according to particular manufacturing techniques, creating a style-not-style that softens thanks to refined satin inserts, feathers and laces, or, otherwise, it becomes more austere with the use of corroded metals, uncut stones, nails or scraps of gros grain fabrics. Clasps are replaced with knots or big bows. The wonderful coral, the snow-white pearls and the sunny turquoise confirm to be inevitable must that can be matched with every outfit. Only the strings of pearls have precise captions with unmistakable names: Collare, Girocollo, Graduata, Matinée, Opera e Treccia, Coco Chanel favourite.

Designers of the contemporary art give free rein to their imagination creating really strange necklaces, such as the Bénedicte Mouret “aiguille” where a silver needle strung with a simple thread becomes a necklace-brooch; or the surreal stairs walked by the ever present Dieter Dill little men; such as the children’s draws on the paper used as charms in an unusual necklace by Moschino; or the star-shaped teeth trilogy set in a silver structure by Teresa Milheiro, only to mention someone. Nowadays the haute couture proposes necklaces also to the bride whereas, according to the rigid rules, she had to be stripped of any tinsel. Famous designers design for her important necklaces with maxi stones or big cameos clashing with the simplicity of the wedding dress. Necklace is cheerful and lively for the wedding, too.

It is an accessory following no strict rules because it is the natural expression of a whim. All is granted to it, even to be transformed into a desecrating rosary beads, to intertwine with electric wires, insert coarse pumices, set astonishing precious stones, to be tiny, almost invisible, or enormous, with more or less precious charms almost difficult to wear. Hearts, photos and holy pictures, coral branches, buttons, coins, crosses, skulls, amulets, boules, charms, lockets, everything is possible, even inscribe one’s own name or the one of the fashionable griff with precious stones or metal.

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