230AR solid tradition and innovative offerings


In line with the times from the beginning in the 1970s, today the 230AR in Arezzo displays the best of itself with the same consistency at one of the most prestigious appointments in the sector, the Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem fair, scheduled from 16 to 22 September at the Convention & Exhibition Center, where it will be present at hall 3 booth G524.
The strength of the Arezzo company is the use of modern and innovative techniques (casting, resin and wax prototyping, production chains and cutting, pantograph, electroforming, laser cutting and internal electroplating) to give ever new shapes and suggestions to the alternative materials used in its own operations.

But that is not all. Another added value is the adoption of the ICT system, a formula “that enables efficiency and service excellence, proximity to customer needs and reduced costs”.
A unique relationship with customers for whom the company produces exclusive collections on demand, developing the project and monitoring the entire production process.
The Bronze and mainly silver, which the company has strong passion for, are elements outlining the designs at 230AR workshops.

The texture of necklace, bracelet and earrings reveals the extraordinary flexibility: the metal transforms into the refined arabesque of a small chest, perhaps a mysterious relic of the distant lands of the East, common element to the three pieces of the collection which, along with other creations from the Arezzo company, will be taken over to the same eastern lands which inspired their design in September.


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